A Developer’s Wish List for the New iPhone

I’m not ashamed or afraid to admit it, as a developer I am a big fan of Apple. Apple has a terrific platform for developers to build on and distribute our products to a global audience, many of which are the creative people who make up Viddy’s community of 40 million people.

We launched Viddy on iOS initially because of the exceptional development tools, powerful hardware and elegant operating system. But as with most things in technology, the need for more comes fast as new capabilities come to market. 

As everyone waits in excitement for Apple’s September 12, I’ve been thinking about what I would love to see in the next iPhone and new iOS to make social mobile video even better than today. So, Apple, here’s my shortlist, and here’s hoping you make all us developers even happier! 

  • A5X processor (or its successor, the A6!) The new iPad has killer dual-core processing speed, which for developers means better battery life, improved video capturing performance and  rendering speeds up to 4 times faster for the transformation of raw video into something worth sharing with your friends and family. A quad-core A6 chip would be even cooler!
  • Hook up to 4G LTE: The data speed on 4G LTE networks is lightning fast and provides near-broadband performance when away from WiFi. For social mobile video, this means faster uploads during the sharing process, better playback while watching videos (reduced buffering), and overall better performance. 
  • Improved camera optics: While the iPhone has an impressive camera, there’s still a huge challenge with the low light sensitivity. Currently the best videos are taken during the daytime (in particular during the first and last hour of sunlight) or in well-lit environments such as studios or galleries. Any other time you sacrifice image quality. My wish for the new iPhone is better ISO support for low light situations so more than half the day can be spent filming.
  • More RAM, More Memory: iPhones seem to have plenty of memory right out of the box. But shortly thereafter it becomes impossibly minuscule as you sync up your music library, photo albums, and favorite videos. And as you pimp out your iPhone with your favorite applications, more and more memory intensive apps take up precious resources as they run in the background constantly. My hope is that the new iPhone has least 1GB of RAM and 64GB of Flash memory. 
  • H.265 Support: MPEG recently released a draft of their new H.265 video standard which will allow developers like us to be able to deliver the same quality video as H.264 at half its size, or even double the quality of our video using the same bitrate as H.264. And in the future, since the compression standard supports resolutions of up to 7680 x 4320, we could potentially be able to deliver Retina-quality video formats in the coming years. It would be great to see H.265 support in 2013. 

So, Mr. Cook, won’t you please grant these wishes with the next iPhone?


JJ Aguhob, president, co-founder and chief designer, Viddy 

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